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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. it is halloween but you're probably putting on orange and black in morning. >> because of the treat not the trick. 6 amulet's check in with mike for a look at the -- >> mother nature going to play a cruel trick on some of us, we have tl this morning, no organized areas of wet weather, just enough to make things damp. cloudy and mild with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, a little fog along the coast everybody else you can see cloudy half moon bay 3/4 mile visibility if you are driving on one this morning it is going to be dangerous from time to time. here's your parade forecast 10:00 there's people out there already, 10:00 this morning -- partly sunny and 61 at 11:00.
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thicker clouds, breezy around 1, mild at 2:00, thinking this will last three hours, 66°. for the full day's forecast, at the coast, rain in the north bay, otherwise cloudy, low 60s, rain in the evening for the bay mid to upper 60s, inland best chance of rain during the afternoon early evening in the north bay mid 60s to 70°. a little damp, streets are slick give yourself extra time bay bridge metering lights not yet on minor delay for cash paying folks, carpools and fastrak whizing through. eastbound 24 before the caldecott tunnel earlier accident cleared. east westbound 580 north livermore accident in the median, speeds good out of the
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central valley, slowing past the scene of the accident still just over 15 minutes to the dublin-pleasanton interchange. 80 westbound carquinez bridge that accident still on the left shoulder. here's a look at drive times, 580 commute, 101 from santa rosa to novato and east shore freeway carquinez bridge into the maze, 20 minute ride. you in the land of the giants this morning. today's parade will end at civic center plaza. >> where a huge ceremony to honor the giants will be taking place. amy hollyfield begins our live team coverage. >> amy, are the people out there already and what are they doing? >> reporter: crazy, some of the players are probably still asleep, but their fans are here and check them out. they are full of energy. they still have another six hours to go before they even see a player. they told me that i been passing the time listening to
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music and talking the giants and their chances for next year. some of the fans got here yesterday to stakeout their spots. >> got here at 8:00, planning on staying until the end of the parade the reason why is because it is the giants winning the world series i used to think it only happens once every 50 something odd years now they got their second world series title in three years, it is pretty much reliving the whole 2012 season. >> reporter: they are here early but they are going to miss the parade it stars at 11:00 this morning down market they think it will take an hour and a half to get the 100 cars and threats through. they are estimating they will get here around 12:30. then they think everything will wrap up around 2:00. some of the players that will be speaking include cain, romo and sandoval.
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the fans are here ready to go, those who got here yesterday say they plan to stay until the very end. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> terry mcsweeney continues our live team coverage from howard and stewart near where the parade will kickoff. >> reporter: this is one of the three areas where they are going to be staging for this parade, stewart, main, beale, all blocked off where they are going to bring 100 cars and cable cars and threats and the rest of that stuff some of those floats some of the other stuff showing up here all of a sudden take a look there you can see the virgin america float people getting it ready for the parade in front of that parked van you can see the open top sightseeing bus i'm told that thing can seat dozens of people only five are going to be on it don't know which five of the extended giants family going to be on
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that players riding in convertible cars others will be in these vehicles also there you have the urban safari bus don't know what that is about except you know they called belt the baby giraffe, maybe it is a tribute to him, probably not, but i thought i would throw that out there. to the left we have folks in suits and ties and they look like dignataries, in fact they are the vip security people they are going to be signed the barricades not out in the general public bringing people to they need to get telling them whatever it is they need where they can get it those are the vip security every one of them decked out in a nice suit and tie for this occasion we have seen some floats going by as well we have video of a float that went by a short time ago if we can roll that back video of some of the floats again staging at a three-block area down here
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three streets blocked off i should say total of six blocks blocked off they are all going to gather there get ready for that 11 a.m. start to this incredible parade. i might as well show this the latest float arrival ride the ducks departing from taylor and jefferson most days, today departing somewhere near market and stewart. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. let's go live to katie marzullo live along market at the starting point. fans have been camped out all night. >> reporter: there are fans got here at the crack of dawn this morning there's so much activity now happening in the last few minutes that you can't see the fans lined up long market behind trucks and
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cars and advance that keep pulling up this is the staging area and the start of the parade i was there earlier talking with those advance they -- with those fans they say they want to see the players maybe a handshake. some told me they went to the civic center two years ago they thought they would try something new and get a different view. if you are coming to the parade no matter where you want to watch, you want to take public transportation, it is the best way to go we bummed into a bart spokesman he says -- we bumped into a bart spokesman. he says they are tying to make it easy for everybody. >> every car available on deck getting ready to go out we are able to run 62 trains during our peak period we are going to have as many trains as we can out there today to make sure people get into the parade pan back home when they need to. >> reporter: -- one other tip, he says get a round trip
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ticket it will make your lie easier on the flip side the route is market near the ferry building justin herman plaza then straight on market to the civic center no detours, no side roads that should make it easy. back out here live, bustling activity as people get ready. we have seen police officers out here they remind people they will be out in full force and have zero tolerance for any troublemakers. katie marzullo, abc7 news. you can watch the parade live right here on abc 7 news starting at 11 a.m. f you are at work or on the go, we are streaming it live on and our ipad app. if you are going, best options for getting there we
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have to talk to sue. and the drizzle. >> that means traffic and weather together coming up. here's a live look outside you see all the traffic very busy as people have to move over from market because of the parade we are tracking that. sue will let you know more, coming up. how about another live look from san francisco howard street where they are getting ready for the parade and staging and the floats. we'll continue our coverage of the parade. we'll check back in with amy hollyfield for up on the preps taking p
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we start with the hall wouldn't forecast you are going to need wet weather gear in the north bay, no dodging the rain there. it starts to move into the bay steadier rain 7:00, light rain possible south bay by 8:00, you will get your steadier
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rain after 9:00. you can see the moving towards the bay area mostly cloudy today, mid to upper 60s. steady rain tonight through tomorrow morning, scattered showers thursday afternoon, dry and warmer friday and saturday. accidents westbound 580 in the livermore area at north livermore in the median you can see traffic is slowing past the scene still overall not a bad ride getting past that scene still under 20 minutes to the dublin pleasanton interchange from the altamont. east 580 new accident park ] oo middle lanes blocked as many as eight vehicles involved. if you are headed out to today, you must drive to san francisco to get to work, take -- download this tree waze app to maneuver -- it is free on the app store and google play right now you are
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looking at busy embarcadero there. :12 -- 6:12. damage is just beginning to be surveyed. >> live to lower manhattan as new yorkers and the entire east coast
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welcome back. 6:15. you can see what is left of sandy as it khrpbs near buffalo, slower winds less amount of rain and snow falling, flooding will be the big issue wu this system as rivers and streams continue to swell obvious the income
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couple of days. more on the after math of sandy. 6:15. a fire is raining in a new jersey town and firefighters can't get there to put it out. >> as a result of hurricane sandy in mantoloking, new jersey the bridge to the island with the community there, 14 homes washed out due to superstorm sandy, a home burned two days ago has been rekindled with gas pipeline fueling the flames and a bunch of smaller fires and cleanup continues in new york city and across the eastern seaboard. >> mark greenblatt joins us from lower manhattan with the latest on conditions there. >> reporter: good morning. here in lower manhattan power remains out, in a few signs that life is beginning to get back to normal there have been people all morning taking pictures in less than 15 minutes mayor bloomberg is going to be ringing the
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opening bell on the floor of the new york stock exchange as trading resumes. it was another night of no lights and no power for thousands in the big apple, still no clear idea of when power will be restored. new york city, which shutdown its entire mass transit system, will spend the next several days pumping out flooded tunnels, hoping to get everything moving again in breezy point, new york a beach front community of firemen, policemen and blue collar workers are still taking stock of not only the damage but from a fire that destroyed as many as 100 homes. >> nothing i could really identify except for the kitchen tile and the bathroom tile and that's it. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is unknown. new jersey took the brunt of sandy with coastal communities hit hard, entire neighborhoods consumed by sand and water. >> we'll rebuild it, no question. but, for those of us who are
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my age, it won't be the same. >> reporter: part of the atlantic city walk in ruins, on jersey shore an amusement park collapsed into the ocean. two of new york's major airports reopened. laguardia is still flooded won't be septembering flies any time soon. >> so many people are trying to -- to fly to and from the east coast >> reporter: as sandy moves inland she continues to drop problems from georgia to wisconsin in north carolina they are expecting 14 inches of rain. in cleveland the rock and roll hall of fame was scarred and then waves on lake michigan were churned up high enough to set records. bus service has resumed new yorkers are already using it they seem to be happy we saw a bus go by with a busload full of people the real problem looking at subways,
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seven subway tunnels are flooded nobody knows when that service is going to resume. i'm mark greenblatt. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the aftermath of superstorm sandy, "good morning america's" chris cuomo goes inside the new york city subway system, 46 miles of track still under wart. better news for air travelers, we getting word that jfk and newark have reopened this morning. service is limited. >> laguardia, teterboro still closed. you saw laguardia there it is under water, you need a surf board. >> yeah, something it is not good, very unfortunate at least things are getting back to normal.
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let's talk about what is going on 6:20 you can see the roads still wet, the golden gate bridge headlights are -- cars from marin county, a little drizzle for the morning commute. mainly cloud cover over land and a little fog over the water some of that fog is starting to move over land visibilities as low as a mile and quarter around novato and half moon bay which is an improvement at half moon bay mild outside mid 50s to around 60, mid to upper 50s around the monterey bay bay so far mother nature following the forecast we talked about yesterday drizzle for the morning rain for the afternoon and evening steady overnight through tomorrow morning, tomorrow's commute is going to be worse as far as rain. dry and warmer for the weekend. high pressure, two areas still on the map, pushing low a little farther north, on the
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tail end of this system which means north bay will get the bulk of the rain south bay least amount of rain by noon scout showers north bay 2:00 steadier rain in the north bay by 6:00, raining steadily north bay. once the sunset -- sets steady rain moves into the heart of the bay. heaviest and stead yes, sir rain from midnight -- heaviest and stead yes, sir of the rain from midnight to 5:00. greatest amount inch and -- half an inch around the bay south bay up to a third of an inch. keep the irrigation systems off for another couple of days. increasing sunshine friday and warmth, daylight saving ends saturday night set your clocks back an hour and change batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. back to oakland eastbound 580 injury accident blocking
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three lanes, chp updating location to past lake shore and lake shore on-ramp to eastbound 58 is -- to eastbound 580 closed you might want to consider using 880. if you are coming into san francisco to witness the giants parade exciting, market street closed, you want to take mass transit even if you are coming into work you don't want be to be driving too san francisco this morning bart has extra trains, ferries, muni extra rides, buts for you, caltrain extra services. -- buses for you. caltrain extra services. mission from the embarcadero to beale, stewart, spear and main streets between howard and market. 6:22. >> the steps the san francisco police department is taking to make sure today's parade remains violence-free. after sunday's victory celebration went out of
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welcome back. sandy still spinning around the northeast to the mid atlantic states thunderstorms as far north as maine. good news jfk and newark open, albeit limited, laguardia still closed, sfo reporting 121 minutes flight arrival delays. oakland and san jose on time. >> 6:25. san francisco police say they have arrested the man seen in a photo vandalizing a muni bus. it happened sunday night following the giants' world series win here's the photo that went viral. investigators took 22-year-old gregory tyler graniss into custody last night. police say they acted on tips after the photo went viral showing a man smashing the windshield of the muni bus with a barricade, graniss is now facing felony vandalism
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charges. the police chief hope that nothing will happen like that today and he says the department is doing everything possible to make sure that violence doesn't mark the world series parade. in response to the mayhem following the world series victory sunday night. all together, 36 people were arrested, nine charged yesterday. san francisco d.a. says they will be vigorously prosecuted. police will have rapid response and medical strike teams ready to go still ahead, the stock market getting to resume trading. new york city mayor bloomberg ringing the opening bell after superstorm sandy forced investors to stay home for two days, first time since 1888 we had a two-day closure due to weather. we'll bring it to you live. we are continuing to follow preparation force this morning's giants' victory raid. you are looking at a live picture of civic center plaza
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where the players will speak to their fans. we have reports across the route we'll check in to see how large the crowds are getting. sue hall traffic center, live look at bay bridge toll, ole metering lights on traffic backed past over -- if you are coming into -- [ inaudible ] . i moved to new york to work in fashion.
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good morning many welcome back to the abc7 morning news. you're looking at a live picture from the new york stock exchange. mayor michael bloomberg the man in the middle, ready to ring the opening bell to resume trading for the first time since hurricane sandy. the exchange closed for two days marking the longest storm shutdown for the exchange since 1888. [ inaudible ]
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>> reason for celebration in new york as they come back to life and reason to celebrate here in san francisco all of the bay area. >> we're the center of the baseball universe. what will the weather conditions be like if you are coming into san francisco for parade? >> >> right now drizzle is the word good morning no organized areas of rain yet on live doppler that's later this afternoon into the evening cloudy conditions other the bay, fog along the coast some of that fog moving into novato now visibility down to a mile and 3/4, up at half moon bay to a mile and half. today for the parade, 10:00 mostly cloudy, 59, drizzle
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over, few breaks of sun 11:0061, -- 11:00, 61. let's find out about that traffic with sue. san rafael live shot of 101 out of novato past lucas valley road freitas parkway tail lights pat the vick center no reports of problems. hot spot eastbound 580 past lake shore "sig alert" three right lanes blocked, multi-vehicle injury accident chp and crews on scene you want to take 880. lake shore on-ramp closed as well. abc 7 traffic app this is waze, market treat busy shutdown for parade. if you must drive we are recommending mass transit you must drive the app is a great way if get you around it is free on the app store and google play. giants' fans the
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world series parade doesn't start until 11 this morning already people are lining up along the parade route and there's a flurry of activity. >> we havely team coverage let's -- we have live team coverage -- [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: good morning. i knew the fans would get here early, i was supposed when i met a man who said he got here 4:00 yesterday afternoon. these fans are dedicated. they are also full of energy even though they still have several hours to go they say they are having fun, passing the time listening to music and talking about the giants and their chances for next year. it is pretty cold out here, a little wet, they say they are happy and staying until the end i am >> the team is so exciting and it -- it keeps us thrilled all year long, tips and turns and
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dips and turns and peaks allies here we are at the pinnacle of the year never thinking we would be here i was here at the 2010 parade because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, it is a twice in a lie time opportunity. >> reporter: here's the show that they are getting now watching the preparations they are not ready yet they are still working out here get the show ready unpacking and setting up chairs now for the very important people who get to show up and sit down in a chair l.e.d. screen here they've hung in the last hour they still need to raise it up so people can see i talked to the man in charge of barricades he says they still have some to put out which is hard to believe, there are barricades everywhere head of security says they still have work to do but it is all coming together the party here starts when the parade is finished which they think about 12:30 everyone here will
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hear from players including romo, pend, scutaro, should -- pence, scutaro, should be a fun afternoon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the parade sketch two miles along market, terry mcsweeney is at a staging area where things are kicking into action. >> reporter: things are beginning to happen here we've seen floats coming in people coming in people trying to come in who aren't supposed to be coming in and there's plenty of security to make sure if you are not supposed to be here, you are not going to be here floats pulling in a short time ago on stewart between mission and howard the floats coming in you will see one from virgin america people on that float are just really lucky virgin america employees who won a drawing for a contest who could dress most likely a crazy giant and a
6:35 am
bunch of 'em won they will be in the parade the duck boats here i asked who going to be in those boats they said i don't know just vips as far as they know earlier we showed you the safari boat that came through the safari bus i should say that came through and told that on that boat are going to be unidentified vips. there's going to be a lot 100 vehicles going in this parade some of the people of course you are going to know the players amy was talking also people you have never seen may never see again but they lucked out and they are going to be in this parade the second one in three years, wow what a lucky city. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. we are going to keep our team coverage going now to katie marzullo with die-hard fans at the start of the parade route. >> reporter: everybody is a die-hard fan, milk driver i truck just went by honking.
6:36 am
this is billy philadelphia's carolyn showed it to us last night he's going to play it for fans. fans have been out here for hours and i stole a few from their spot, i promised them i would get them back crystal is here with her girlfriend so early. why so early? >> been a giants fan all my life and ready for the parade. very exciting. >> reporter: another special guest, billy is here with his two young sons how long did it take you to get here? >> we left 3:00 this morning. >> reporter: must be very important to you? >> yes, it is, these little guys. >> reporter: are you guys excited? >> yeah. >> reporter: everybody is excited. thanks guys. a lot happening here at market and stewart this is where things will kickoff still waiting for floats to start staging otherwise lots of prep in the works. katie marzullo, abc7 news.
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of course you can watch the parade live right here on abc 7 news starting at 11 a.m., if you are at work or on the go we are streaming it live on and our ipad app. for the parade you want to know about the weather. right now drizzle. we want to see how long it handles out. mike will have a look for us, coming up. right now bay bridge incline traffic moving okay there in the drizzle. we are going to check in with sue to see if there are problems elsewhere and best ways to get into the city for the parade. >> you will need to know how to get in and out easier if you take mass transit in is the parade route where it will end vick center plaza with the giants -- end at civic center plaza with the giants showing off that world series trophy
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throughout we would throw up the halloween forecast north bay raining the entire time you are trick-or-treating start to move into the bay by 7:00 head into the south bay in the form of light scattered rain by 8:00, you get steadier rain around account same in the east bay valleys the sooner you can get out there around the bay, the better you are going to have for weather that is not wet like the north bay is going to be dealing with. that's today. tonight and tomorrow, steady rain through the morning scattered showers thursday afternoon jut as cool as today dry pattern friday sun and warmer starting saturday through the weekend. >> better news not cleared in the clearing stages eastbound 580 in oakland past lake shore "sig alert" should be lived any time down to one lane blocked on-ramp to eastbound 580 still blocks if you are coming into san francisco here are your mass transit options for the giants' parade even if you are coming in to go to work extra bart, ferries, muni,
6:41 am
caltrain wait to go road closures market, mission, stewart spear for most of the remainder of the day around that embarcadero to get around or van ness. those are your options. 6:41. after being closed down two days because of superstorm sandy the new york stock exchange is open for business. >> going well so far the dow up 51 points at the moment. we go live to the ne
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welcome back, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. sandy is still spinning in the
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northeast influence is less and less especially places like west virginia where i've seen roofs collapsing on houses under the weight of three feet of heavy, wet snow, a good sign to see it is starting to taper a little. rain moving into the northwest corner of our state. going to remain there for the better part of the morning. afternoon it will start to come into the north bay, if you are traveling anywhere else, dry with 82 fresno, low 70s los angeles and san diego 60 tahoe. >> 6:44. traying underway on wall street after superstorm sandy forced -- investors to stay home for to days. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. how is the mood? good morning. we are higher here on wall street today we just had opening bell 15 minutes or so ago you can tell me are still not up and running but we are
6:45 am
positive and what appears a smooth opening bell here today, all 30 dow stocks trading expected to be heavy beginning of trading as we were closed for two days so we had built-up demand for trades. also the end of the month typically busy. the dow at the moment up by 60 to points, nasdaq a little lower. bloomberg index trading down about 1%. investors still in waiting mode many monthly jobs report supposed to come out friday labor department intends to issue that report friday on time the last before the presidential election. a lot of interest in those numbers. hurricane sandy bad for many, good for netflix the company saw a huge jump netflix says with kids home from school it
6:46 am
noticed a lot of kids' titles ordered unless you lost power like me, we just played cards. i'm jane king. are you guys on generator there do you have internet back? . >> we are going on generator. here's -- everything else around here is dark everything south of 39th street no power except for a couple of buildings here and there run biogen ray for. in net access i have it -- by generator. internet access i have it here. north of 39th street, we took a shower, got hot pizza checked the internet, probably the best pizza i've ever had in my life. wonder if josh elliot is in the same situation. let's check in with him.
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>> what's going on? >> good morning. she is right, taking a tour yesterday of lower manhattan by boat around it, those buildings talil cluster the only light you saw as -- as the sunset and manhattan became two distinctly dining room places. we have a lot to get to including that. today is our first real glimpse now of the devastation from hurricane sandy and you are going to see so many of these pictures and no matter how many times you see them, they are no easier to believe, huge swaths of the country facing another day in the dark. millions and millions without power. to that end we'll have updates. also our extreme weather team this storm zone since the beginning they are going to have the latest on the long road to recovery ahead, so many heartbreaking stories, including that of the homes, 110 plus lost in breezy point, a community devastated, wiped off the face of the map.
6:48 am
we'll have it all for you this morning. also, i was able to accompany the coast guard on a cutter as it took us down a still very rough and choppy hudson river making our way around the tip of southern manhattan, looking at the destruction, initial point of breach as that -- those waters flooded and turned the southern tip of manhattan into an island on to itself shocking stuff to see there. again this is the first day we are getting a real look at the devastation. also the first day that some of the stories of regular heroism are making themselves seen. some good things that happened amidst the maelstrom. so many babies born as the storm raged that is little liam there he arrived at the light of the storm we'll hear from his mother about the way that went and as you can see the happiest of endings bundled tightly and warmly. i had a really interesting
6:49 am
opportunity yesterday afternoon to sit down with that young guy and those kids, elmo speaking, well kids languages as we put questions to how they felt about going through the storm putting their concerns to rest there's a lot of good take away for parents who may have struggled on the eastern half of the united states also let's face it people in california natural disasters around the corner for all of you out there as well. just really another way to synthesize what we've seen the last couple of days. all straight ahead on "good morning america." we have word that newark and jfk have reopened not laguardia yet. here at sfo we have our own serious delays. >> two hour delays the worst this week fog not as thick as it was yesterday. coming up on 6:50 you can see how easy it is to see the
6:50 am
embarcadero from our roof cam, ferry building didn't to the bay bridge. still a little wet from drizzle earlier still pockets of drizzle around this morning. live doppler showing how cloudy and moist the air is right now, the steadier rain coming in later is not anywhere near the bay area. when you step out it is damp and mild mid to upper 50s, 60 in mountain view, mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland. drizzle for the morning commute. rain for the evening. light steady rain overnight it will clear out in time for a dry and warmer weekend. remember those two areas of high pressure we talked about yesterday, still stubborn not as strong cold front starting to make head way towards us. drizzle through about 10:00, then turn our attention to the north bay after lunch hour when the steadier starts to
6:51 am
move in, you will get wed, no doubt in the north bay -- get wet, no doubt about it in the north bay. rain moves into the heart of the bay and then move into the south bay and east bay valleys around 8:00 to 9:00, the sooner you can get out the better off you are going to be as far as being dry. outside of steady rain, still drizzle, maybe a few sprinkles rain going to move in after 9:00 through the heart of the bay into -- into the sought bay hanging around during the morning scattered showers noon starts to taper once the sets tomorrow -- one is the sun sets tomorrow afternoon into the evening. with the storm coming from the north we'll see it first with live doppler.
6:52 am
completely dry, sunny and warmer starting friday. set your clocks back saturday night. enjoy warmer weather sunday through tuesday, election day. good morning. bay bridge big back-up tow truck right there accident toll lane number 13, the reason for the big back up not only the accident a lot of folks coming into san francisco for the big parade take bart from the east bay best bet there is that jam-up past the macarthur maze. east 580 past lake shore in final clearing stations of -- stages of accident, right lane still blocked lake shore on-ramp to eastbound 580 with an accident there. here's your extra bart trains, ferries, muni, caltrain san jose parking lots looking booked and full lines at vallejo and larkspur ferry at the ferry landinging to get on
6:53 am
boat it is going to be crazy coming into san francisco, get a head start. preparations are underway for the giants' victory parade, we'll check back in with our team along the parade route. >> the abc7 morning news
6:54 am
cheering for the giants and talking about the parade is getting crazy. >> parade kicks off in four hours we have crews spread along the prayed route. >> let's begin with amy hollyfield -- along the parade route. >> let's begin with abdulmutallab. -- >> reporter: -- >> reporter: first look at fans some got here yesterday they say they may be crazy but they are having fun and they love this team.
6:55 am
right now they are watching last minute preparations workers are trying to get everything in place for the huge party they are setting up chairs now for the vips. i talked to the head carpenter a few minutes ago he says they still have to build a camera platform and they have to put more barricades out. but, they do think they will be ready. they are estimating the party here will start 12:30. some of the players will be speaking here, including sergio romo and hunter pence. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney on stewart between mission and howard this is where they are staging for the big parade one of the six blocks blocked off for that stage going you down you can see some of the floats these are duck boats floats in many ways going down the parade route these are not going to be carrying any of the
6:56 am
superstars any of the giants these will be holding vips and people who won contests and that kind of stuff giants are going to be riding in cars going down market street and the preparations underway not only here but also closer to market, a block up on main street as well and that is up on main where the players are going to be getting in the cars where i'm going to be heading, right after this. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo live at stewart and market this is where it will begin for fans and the fans are here you can take a look they've been lining parade route since early this morning willing to wait in the dark in the dampness to see their giants and to see them from the front row. 100 entries will start here from mounted police to mvp pablo sandoval. katie marzullo, abc7 news. mike let's find without is
6:57 am
the weather is going to be. drizzle will end by 10:00, mostly cloudy for the parade we have cloudy conditions now flight arrival delays into sfo, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s during the heart of the parade breezy also. a lot of folks at the bay bridge toll accident lane 13 backed to the maze that "sig alert" is about to be lived. abc7 news continues in 25 minutes with news
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